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Welcome to MASS CHESS!

This page explains the conditions for using the Collective Chess program - MASS CHESS. When you use MASS CHESS, you agree to all the rules on this page. Some of them should be written in a specific legal language, but we have done our best to offer you clear and simple explanations of what all this means. Using this website (“Site”) and the programs (“Programs” , together with “Site”) offered by masschess.com.ua (together with our branches, representatives and directors - together “MASS CHESS”, “we”, or “ us ") you agree to these legally binding rules ("Terms"). You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy and agree to follow by any other rules on the Site, such as our Fair Play rules (included below). We may change these conditions from time to time. We will notify you about any important or material changes on the Site. New versions of the terms will never have retroactive effect - we will inform you of the exact date of their entry into force. If you continue to use MASS CHESS after the changes, it means that you accept the new conditions. Terms and conditions We like to position ourselves a digital version of a chess club. We recommend using our programs and content to improve your chess skills and and expanding knowledge of chess in general. We are actively studying chess gameplay. We are open to your ideas for improving gaming dynamics at any time, so do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions. MASS CHESS is the official charity program, which is a part of Ukrainian organization «FUND GEO-SOCIAL GAMES». MASS CHESS is a non-profit open resource, managed by volunteers. A full list of costs and expenses published monthly and can found on this Site.

Create an account

You must be at least 18 years old to register for a MASS CHESS account. If you are under the age of 18, you can use MASS CHESS only under the supervision or with permission of parents / guardians. You are responsible for your account and all activity in it.

You can use some of our services without registering an account. But to use all functions of MASS CHESS, you need to register by choosing a username, setting a password and protecting it with a valid email address. If you do not provide accurate information, you will not be able to access your account.

Do not pretend to be someone else and do not choose names that are offensive or violate anyone else’s rights. If you do not follow these rules, we reserve the right to close your account without warning. “User” or “Users” under these conditions is registered members on MASS CHESS resource.

User rights

Both registered and unregistered users have the right to protect their property, confidentiality and identity, unless they have given their agreement to make their identity public. More information on this topic can be found in our Privacy Policy.

MASS CHESS believes that users should have protection of their public information, personality and data. As our foundation we use data protection laws of the European Union and Ukraine. We also decided to extend these rights to all users, and not only to those under the jurisdiction of the European Union and Ukraine.

By agreeing to these Terms and conditions, registered users have access to all functions of MASS CHESS and are free to use them for personal, educational, charitable purposes. MASS CHESS itself is also free open source software licensed under the GNU AGPL. The user can read more about this in the license file. This does not prevent MASS CHESS from making a final decision about which type of use of the “Services” is appropriate


Users are free to use content they create for their own purposes.

In case users playing in the team for entertainment or educational purposes, the account must be clearly marked.

Users are responsible for the content they publish. Content can include information, data, text, photographs, chocolate cake recipes, messages, and other materials. MASS CHESS will not responsible for the content that “Users” or “User” publish.

Our Privacy Policy indicates what data MASS CHESS will receive from the user's device and why. “Users” or “User” can get a list of data stored by MASS CHESS resource by sending a request to the administration.

In any circumstances, we may keep certain information in accordance with legal requirements or for legal management. All points of this agreement remain in force after the termination of the account


Fair play principles and community rules “Users” or “User”, both registered and unregistered, agree to behave themselves using the MASS CHESS resource. Users who behave badly can block or close their account without warning, and remove all content from the site. In any circumstances, we reserve the right to block or close an account for any reason without warning and without providing evidence of a violation of the principles of fair play and community rules.

Below are some examples of what you should not do:

Cheating. We define this as using any external assistance to your knowledge and / or ability to calculate in order to gain an unfair advantage over your opponent. Some examples may include help from the computer engine, opening books (except for pen games), board games in endgames, and turning to another player for help etc.

Artificially raise or reduce your rating. “Users” or “User” intentionally loses or agreed with the enemy to win. As a result, the user rating will artificially increase or decrease.

Personification. Do not pretend to be who you are not. You can use an alias.

Hack MASS CHESS accounts or servers, even if it’s as simple as guessing the password. This activity is illegal. You can send letter to administration about security issues.

Abusive behavior or expressions containing swear. Harassment is a criminal act and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Illegal distribution of material for which you do not have copyright. Users are responsible for what they publish and distribute.

Artificially or intentionally create an excessive load on the resource.

Spam. We have zero tolerance for spam. These are just some of the suggestions that we will object to regarding the spirit of fair play in our community. This list is not exhaustive. The last word is always up to the administrators, and penalties will be applied at the discretion of the administrators.

Resource Rights

We reserve the right to make changes to the “Site” and resource MASS CHESS without prior notice.

We have a final word in who can use our site and programs. We have the right to delete the account of “Users” or “User” or refuse to use the Mass Chess resource without explanation.

We are not responsible for any loss, damage or harm that may result from the unstable operation of the resource.

We reserve the right to contact the relevant authorities if “Users” or “User” violates the law and causes damage to the resource or other users. We have the right to disclose the personal data of the violator to the authorities.

We reserve the right to cancel financial rewards / prizes from “Users” or “User” whom we suspect of fraud or violation of the principles of fair play, without the need for explanation.

This list is not exhaustive, and we reserve the right to add, edit or delete entries from it at any time.


MASS CHESS is licensed by GNU AGPL.

MASS CHESS respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects from “Users” or “User” the same. MASS CHESS reserves the right to remove copyright violation content without prior notice. We are open to copyright infringement notifications on our site. The concept of copyright violation is defined in the current legislation.

If you think that your content has been copied with copyright violation, please let us know by contacting us at support@massschess.com.ua.

You save your rights to any content that you submit, publish on our site. By sending, publishing or displaying content on our services, you give us the right to sublicense, copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, transmit content on any media or distribution channels. Use of the content is carried out without compensation paid to you in relation to content that you provide.


Users can make sponsorship contributions and donations to the Ukrainian charity organization “Fund GEO-SOCIAL GAMES”, then the “Fund”. MASS CHESS resource is a part of “Fund”.

Donations or sponsorships are used by the Fund to improve gaming dynamics and accumulate the prize pool of winners participating in the MASS CHESS educational program.

Donations and / or sponsorships are not an investment or a loan. Donations made fraudulently, by bank error or in the form of a double transfer, can be returned back to the donor's account or the bank card that made the donation, upon request, within 14 days.

The amount of the donation and / or sponsorship fee is recorded and displayed in the user profile as a state of charity balance.

The charity balance can be spent participating in charity programs: contests, games and tournaments.

Participants of charity programs, tournaments and contests held by the Fund, and taking prizes, according to the rules of the events, according to publicly available and published results, have the opportunity to receive incentive prizes, the size and type of which depends on the position in the rating table.

The conditions for participation and the size of the prize are set individually for each game and displayed on the match page.

"GEO-SOCIAL GAMES" undertakes to pay and / or give out prizes as part of the ongoing program of competitions, tournaments and contests and the charter activities of the Fund.

Material for which we are not responsible

MASS CHESS makes no warranties and is not responsible for the completeness, accessibility, timeliness, accuracy and security of the content and services.

We disclaim liability for damage or loss of any data in your computer system. We are not responsible for the removal, loss, inability to store content when using our services. We do not guarantee the operation of the resource on a continuous, safe or error-free basis. MASS CHESS cannot be held liable for any loss, financial or other, from third parties, including misrepresentation, negligence or fraud.

You agree to adopt the law and jurisdiction of Ukraine using our programs.

If you have any disagreement with us regarding these “Terms and conditions” or questions by using our Services, please contact us to resolve the dispute. If we cannot do this, we agree to appeal to the arbitration of third parties that we choose. You will need to send us a written notice, otherwise we will not be able to help you.

These “Terms and conditions” are an agreement between you and MASS CHESS.


MASS CHESS is not responsible for third-party advertising, widgets and applications posted by service providers in social networks