Educational Program

MASS CHESS is a new type of chess competitions in which hundreds of people can simultaneously take part.

Each team is given 30 seconds per a move, during which the players move the pieces, thereby "voting" for their move. After the time has been over, the system sums up the results, and the most popular variation of the move is carried out in the game.

In cases where two or more move variants have scored the same number of votes of team members (for example, 50 to 50, or 25, 25, 25, 25), the advantage is given to that move the players spent less time thinking and performing.

Rating and Evaluation of the Participant

The rating of each player is calculated by the program in automatic mode. Parameters influencing on rating calculation:

  • coincidence of the player's move with the move of most participants in the match: 1 move = (+) 10 points;
  • each move of the player, regardless of coincidence with the collective move: 1 move = (+) 1 point;;
  • time spent in seconds: 1 sec. = (-) 0.01 points;
  • skipping a move: 1 move = (-) 3 points.

Platform Rules and Functions

Function "Surrender"

By clicking the "Surrender" button, the user cannot make a move. The accrued rating for the player is fixed and the points for the subsequent skips are not withdrawn.

If 51% of the players have surrendered, the team loses.

Function "Offer a draw"

By clicking the "Offer a dead heat " button, the user fixes his proposal for a dead heat. As soon as 51% of players of the team offer a dead heat. The "Accept a dead heat" button appears on the opponent.

If 51% of the players have accepted a dead heat, the game stops.

All other opportunities and rules operate as in classical chess.

Educational Program

We all know that a person learns best of all from his own mistakes. Let us imagine for a moment that each of us has the opportunity to make his own independent step, and then also to observe the variations of the moves of other people. Collective intelligence versus collective intelligence!

The program is structured in such a way that, in the voting results, the team members will observe three ranges of opinions and three different variants for the development of the situation.

In the first case, this will be the average move chosen by the majority of participants. This move may not be the best from the point of view of experienced chess players, but we believe that the majority and their choice should be respected. In the second and third, team members will observe the selection of both strong and weak players.

And this is interesting, now the game of chess is not only a game of your thoughts, but also a simultaneous analysis of others. While playing mass chess, the player must not only analyze and anticipate the opponent’s move, but also evaluate and analyze the best and the worst moves of the team members.

The game of chess is reaching a new level! First, it is an increase in the load on the brain and imaginative thinking due to a larger amount of analysis. Secondly, the motivation and rating system is structured in such a way as to stimulate thinking and make decisions as quickly as possible. Points are taken for a pass and every second of thinking. Thirdly, the collective game itself adds excitement and emotion. You and other players are experiencing defeat and victory together, and do not close in yourself.

The program stimulates the development of abilities:

  • logic
  • analysis and planning
  • memory
  • concentration and attention
  • development of will and character
  • development of purpose
  • development of learning ability
  • development of creative potential
  • ability to think systematically and outside the box

The program is implemented in the framework of the statutory activity of the charity fund "FUND GEO-SOCIAL GAMES"